• Can I become your distributor or agent?
  • Sure! We are finding our long-term partners worldwide. We always provide best advertising support to our agents to let them promote our brand successfully.
  • Are you manufacture or trading company?
  • We're factory that was found in 1973 and specialized in filament industry for more than 45 years. We have exclusive technology patent authorized by Japan and produce a variety of dog beds, cat beds that are MADE IN TAIWAN.
  • Why would I want to purchase from your company?
  • We have a vertically integrated team. Our professional sales and market team can resolve your problems instantly, and can support you with comprehensive marketing resources. We have a creative design team, so we can provide perfect product design. Production process is well taken care by our prudent factory to ensure you receive shipments perfectly.
  • Is it possible to make different color and custom design that is not on your catalogue?
  • Yes, we do custom design like laser logo, sticker logo, tag logo, packaging and just send us an inquiry and then our professional team will discuss all details with you immediately.
  • What if I have a smaller MOQ than normal?
  • No worries. Just send us your inquiry and quantity which you are comfortable with. As our partner, we will try our best to provide the best price for you to start off your new business. 
  • Why your price is higher than others?
  • We are the manufacture of special 4D air fiber material (POE) for pet bed with many advantages
    *Check the video to check for more details.

    Our inner pad is orthopedic and washable.
    Like memory foam dog bed which can't be washed. (only cover can be washed).
    Ours is cover & inner pad can be washed that's different than others.

    Our QC team test each fabric to make sure the quality is better than others.
    Our cover is durable & scratch-resistant so don't worry.
  • Do you ship directly to Amazon FBA?
  • We welcome Amazon sellers to contact us since we have experience doing that.
  • What is your standard lead time?
  • For our existing items, our lead time is 3 to 7 working days. For certain custom made items, our lead time is 30-40 working days. Lead time is calculated from the date when we receive your upfront payment.
  • What is 4D HYPERATMOS material?
  • It's POE material that is non-toxic and eco-friendly.

    There're four features: 
    1. Pressure relieved
    After 80,000 times 40% compression, it still remains 95% of the height. Perfect in weight support and resilience.

    2. Breathable
    Eliminates any excess heat and moisture efectively, so the pets can maintain a comfortable body temperature while resting.

    3. Washable
    Easy to clean, it allows frequent cleaning and only takes a minimal amount of time ot dry.

    4. Hpoallergenic
    Prevents moisture inside, it also keeps germs and dust-mites from growing.
  • Is LIFEAPP pet bed suitable for senior dog?
  • LIFEAPP pet bed is suitable for all kinds of dogs. Especially for senior dog, it's orthopedic and good support.
  • How to select an appropriate size of LIFEAPP pet bed for fur-babies?
  • Please measure the length of fur-babies' head to bottom and check below size.
  • Can LIFEAPP pet bed be folded?
  • Prevents the inner pad from deforming, the pet bed can't be folded.
    We highly recommend trying our LIFEAPP foldable pet bed that is portable design, convenient to store and carry anywhere to go travelling, picnic, camping with your fur-babies.
  • How to clean LIFEAPP pet bed?
  • Every LIFEAPP pet bed can be washed.
    Cover: put into washing bag then put into washing machine (under 30 degree).
    Inner pad: hand wash with water then place it in a ventilated area to dry.
    LIFEAPP Ped bed cleaning video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HNFhadOkDw
  • How to clean LIFEAPP cat cave?
  • Hand wash with soft brush and place it in a ventilated area after wash.
    LIFEAPP cat cave cleaning video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMlIZMT3lNs
  • What is material of air bed?
  • Special structure of air bed
    The design idea of air bed is based on "lazy bone sofa".
    The middle layer is 5cm breathable inner pad covered by 7cm layer of air on each side.
  • Is LIFEAPP pet bed stinky after using for a long time?
  • Compare to memory foam pet bed, LIFEAPP pet bed is used 4D Hyperatoms inner pad which is breathable & washable.
    Cover and inner pad both can be washed. Can clean them frequently.
    Cover: put into washing bag then put into washing machine (under 30 degree).
    Inner pad: hand wash with water then place it in a ventilated area to dry.
  • Is it normal if see that there's some stain & mould on basket bowl?
  • Yes. LIFEAPP cat cave and basket bowl are made of dual polyester that is not stain and mould.
    Especially for orange basket bowl, it's really obvious.
  • How to clean if there's some lint on cat cave?
  • 1. ​Clean the stains with link roller and napkin.
    2. The fabric may have lint after wash or regular use.
    You can just remove them with scissors. It won't be deformed by cutting lint.
  • What should do when receiving the basket bowl first?
  • Invert before use:
    1. Take out the basket bowl and turn it inside out.
    2. Smoothen wrinkles along the seam line, then finish.

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