DOG / Orthopedic Pet Bed

Foldable Bed

An essential for camping and picnic. Can be easily folded down and storage when not in use.
Convenient and easy to take anywhere, so your pet can always rest comfortably.

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  • Product

    Foldable Bed


    M: W80xD55xH3cm (overall size)
    L: W110xD70xH3cm(overall size)

  • Material

    Cover: Polyester 100%
    Inner Pad: Polyolefin Elastomer 100%


    Blue / Green

Cleaning instructions of the inner pad
1. Take out the inner pad. It can only be washed by hand.
2. Water flush under 60℃.
3. After wash, place it in a ventilated area and avoid direct sunlight.

Cleaning instructions of the cover
1. Put it in a washer at 30℃ with a washing bag.
2. Do not bleach and use fabric softener.
3. Do not iron and tumble dry after wash.

1. Keep the inner pad away from high temperature source.
2. Do not put an electric blanket on the bed.
3. The products have tiny thread, stain smaller than one centimeter, or crease and wrinkly are normal, it is acceptable in AQL.

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